Q. How much is a Palm Tree?

A. The price of a palm tree is relevant to it's species, size, age and availability. We carry palms starting at $2 and upwards.

Q. How tall will it get?

A. They all grow continually and size is proportionate to the care given, species, enviroment and time frame.

Q. My palm leaves/fronds are turning yellow . What's happening?

A. This is natural as the new growth prepares to make a show, older lower leaves will turn yellow and then to brown as they drop. Check your soil PH and make any adjustments. Regular application of fertilizer and iron in the soil makes for a greener, lusher display.

Q. My palm leaves are turning brown and the tree looks droopy.

A. Water! When a palm is in stress and needs water the leaves will sag. Although palms are considered Xeriscape plants, they do need a certain amount of water, some more than others.

Q. What should I do in case of a freeze?

That depends on the type of palm tree. Some are more freeze hardy than others. Damage to palms evolves around the length of time exposed to below 32 degrees and moisture content of soil. Be sure to water your palm well before the expected freeze. Do not allow any hail or snow to accumulate in the heart of the palm. We suggest you use either burlap, frost cloth, sheets or newspaper to wrap trunk and foliage. Never use plastic with direct contact on the foliage. {plastic will cause more damage}. In case of severe or extended freeze, we suggest placing a 100 watt light bulb at the tip of the trunk where the leaves meet.